Uniwar Tenaya Of White Condor & Moon Shine Miraja (Capo)

Pups are born 1.8.2009.  Full FCI Paper.

Very big and compact, dark pigmentation :-)

4 males

4 females


Moon Shine Miraja (Capo)
Uniwar Tenaya of White Condor
HD A A  ED 0/1


                                                                                                                        1 uge2 uge3 uge6 uge7 uge

I´m hoping to get "the little" ekstra so  it will be super combination with linies "of white condor " i both Capo and Uniwar´s parents. Some of the linies in Capo lines are also some of my favorits so I have a very good feling about this mating.

We are expecting wery well build puppies , superbly pigmentated , small welplaced ears , lots of coat and an extraordinary well balanced caracter , like both the parents.

Puppies specially for work because the linies are full of working dogs - but also for show , reproduction  and family pets  -

All the puppies will be longcoatet.




 Se mere på : http://sutumer-grund.de/index1.htm


Uniwar Tenaya of White Condor

She is also a very happy dog, she loves to work, and is under training for Agility,  Obedience kl 1 in DKK,  and she can also all the thing we do in Rally Obendience. She is very good with our gooats and they to make them run the right way - not allways it is the right way :-) In the family she is playful - and loves to sleep next to the fireplace - or  on my feet :-)

She is   :  

Look under her page for more info.



Moon Shine Miraja (Capo) 

ED: 0


X-Dream Amaroq of white Mountain Austria 

HD-A; SchH1

Quanto of White Mountain Austria

HD :fast normal

Regelwise Kyra

HD fri

Holy - Anne z Vesele rodiny HD.B

Africa-Jambo from old Vienna - HD 0/0

Klea Restinga HD 00
Uniwar  Tenaya Of White Condor

 HD: A

ED: A1 

Goliat of White Condor
Grizzly of Weststar Kings 
HD: BAKZ: SchH 1
Blanda - Dora of White Condor
Staffords Babe
HD: A, AKZ: USA Import
Tumbledown´s Argent Warrior  
Ve - Lin´s Wytecliff Spirit


All the puppies will be testet of a professionel puppietester so the puppie and new owner will fit perferkt.

To get more information on this interesting combination, and how we raise the puppies to make them ready for their new homes , contact: hrr@mail.dk

 phone no.: +45 9896 3100