Puppies with FCI and DKK pedigree.


Puppies 2017

Sale April 2017

Made To Measures Wickie Wictoria
HD A & ED 0
Mdr ++ & DM Negativ


Made To Measure Zirius Zeff.


ED 0

MDR ++


Next planed Litter will bee summer 2017

DKCH Bounty vom Brundelweg


?  :-)





We are having puppies  now !

Maj 2016

Proud to present :


Made To Measures Vivi Le Vuf - als named " Pippi"


Bailey Cooper M2M von der Nordhelle

Both Parents HD A, ED O, Mdr ++, DM free.

Big dogs with a lot of working and show potential !!


3 lovely boys for show , family and breeding
can move to other Contries from week 24  ( or 24 June)

Ludo - "Gul dreng"

Poker - "Mørkeblå dreng"


They have FCI Pedigree

Breed up with Eukaniba puppy Food
use to Children, Cats - and grown up in the house.

Also use to drive in car and house trained :-)


Game Litter

3-5 uge

6-7 uge

    7 uge


for more contact :







DKCH Bounty vom Brundelweg


Bailey Cooper von der Nordhelle

Will have puppies in December 2015

We can deliver in Europa in week 6 or 7
I have a vet. student and a co worker to deliver in Europa  -
and can deliver in all contries.

Se danish site for more info


Both Parrants HD A, ED O, Mdr ++, DM free.

Big dogs with a lot of working and show potential !!






Late summer puppies :-)


Our Crispy who has made serveral multi champions in Agility and show

are also going to have her 3 litter.

She will give birth to puppies in week 28, and the can move start of September.

The father of this very promising litter is also Cumano ..


Next litter is our Corgi Vistruphus Made2measure Demi Moore puppies :-)

Corgi kuldet


Autum 2013



Looney Toon x  Hasan  La Blankpapilio

Puppies are born  d 7.7 13

U kuldet  (Danish Version)

 Unathi Unco  Long coatet male looking for new home - for family  (Brown collar)

  & U´re Unique  - our littel star - can be uses for show breeding or familiy

 (English version )
Unco and Unique

Danish version:     8 ugeand  6 uge



All sold ....

Puppies between

Made To Measure Kokkio  Kilego


Made To Mesures Minnie Mouse


has puppies  - born 20 April 2013
and can move to new home  in week 24  2013.

Look her

Puppies is  3 generations Made To Measure puppies -

with both our own breeding on mothers and fathers side !

T kuldet

Puppies vil have 5 generations FCI pedigree on Moms side - 5 on the fathers.






Made To Measures Beyla Baldine



To get more information on this interesting combination, and how we raise the puppies to make them ready for their new homes , contact: hrr@mail.dk

 phone no.: +45 9896 3100



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