Our Kennel



Male: Crunch  Cooper                    
Females:    Crispy  Looney  BountyYoYo Yankie  Pippi
Corgi  female :-) Demi Moore


On pension :       Beyla BaldineHallie Halia


RIP Turka 13 year old Malamute




What we want in our breeding, is a beautiful dog that fits in the modern family as a pet, a friend and as a working companion.

All dog with FCI and DKK pedigree.


Crunch says Hallo

Uniwar and Turka on vacation  2004


All puppies in this house are born inside my house - (in my office :-) When they are 3 weeks old we move them to another room so that they are free to run outside whenever they want. It give more easy, ‘toilet trained’ dogs, and they get used to all the noise in a normal (? :-)) house. All my dog live in the house together and get well along.

All puppies are subject to a ‘mental’ test before we hand them over to their new owner. The test is acknowledged by Dansk Kennel Klub (DKK). I use this test because I want the new owner to fit the dog and vice versa. Because of this precaution we have in 8 litters not seen any puppies move away from their family because they didn't fit in.                                                                                                 

I try to keep my number of dogs to a minimum - it is difficult when I want to breed but also want to do something with the dogs. I go training with all my dogs. Therefore we have chosen to have 5 dogs "in house"  and 3 dog "out of  house". The dog "out of house" live in her own families as pets and are only used a few times for breeding. In this way I hope to work with the breed in the best way - so that the dogs are happy family dogs and not "just"  kennel dogs.


All Migthy in the woods

Uniwar, Crunch and Turka Spring 2005


Turka spring 2006 in the garden