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Winter :


Dansk Udstillings Champion

Bailey Cooper von der Nordhelle.

HD A & ED 0 & OCD Fri
Mdr ++ & DM Negativ


White Falcon´s Looney Toon

ED 0
MDR  ++

Puppies expexted :-)



All sold :

Made To Measures Wickie Wictoria
HD A & ED 0
Mdr ++ & DM Negativ


Made To Measure Zirius Zeff
HD A & ED 0
Mdr ++ & DM Negativ






Proud to present :

X ray on my new breeding males :-)

Made To Measure Zirius Zeff

HD A & ED 0


Made To Measure Tin Tin

HD A/B og ED 0


Both DM Negative and MDR ++


New litters is planed - look under

puppies :-)


New Male :

Made To MeasureTin Tin

Tin Tin  is  4 generations male after our own dogs on both sides !!

Tin Tin




We are having puppies :

Proud to present :


Made To Measures Vivi Le Vuf - als named " Pippi"


Bailey Cooper M2M von der Nordhelle


3 lovely boys for show , family and breeding
can move to other Contries from week 24  ( or 24 June)


Game Litter

3-5 uge

6-7 uge

     7 uge



Mikado - "Grå dreng "

Ludo - "Gul dreng"

Poker - "Mørkeblå dreng"


Poker  "Blå":




Ludo / Gul :


Mikado /Grå ;





Made To Measures Glamour Geisha


Slovakian Champion !!!!


3 days in a row !!!!!



Slowakian grand prix winner 2015


and I´m so proud as a breeder !!!!

Big congrats to Tone og Nemi





Bounty vom Brundelweg


Nice of you to come bye Cumano

Is going to have puppies in week 20  (midt Mai)
 - puppies can move in week 29 (midt Juli)




2013 - 2014

FCI - Danish Winner 2013

Made to Measure  best female and male !!


Made To Measures Inspektor Ice
 Made  to Measures Finalla Fay


They did it again !!

Fay for the 3 time and Ice for the 2 time !!



Looney Toon x  Hasan  La Blankpapilio

Puppies are born  d 7.7 13

U kuldet  (Danish Version)

 Unathi Unco  Long coatet male looking for new home - for family  (Brown collar)

  & U´re Unique  - our littel star - can be uses for show breeding or familiy

 (English version )
Unco and Unique

Danish version:     8 ugeand  6 uge




puppies between

Made To Measure Kokkio  Kilego


Made To Mesures Beyla Baldine


is expectet  9 november and can move to new home  12 - 13 januar 2013.

Look her

R kuldet


2 September

Meet our new female :-)


She will go in to our breeding program in spring 2012


Bounty also got her new page - also on Danish :-)


27. August

Cispy was No 9 in Dm Rally B :-)


She and her father Crunch also got good result in Vejen

Crunch got his final in Rally V  - and in now in a higher level of competition :-)



28 juli

Minnie Mouse has her own page

Minnie Mouse

8 juni

Crispy is nominatet for DM in Rally Beginner class !!

And Ctunch is on the reserve list :-)


13. April

DKCH SECH NOCH NORDCH WW10 RALLY- B Crunch von Stainzer Schilcerland
- not just pretty but also cleaver
- got today 95 point in Rally obedience "Experience" - he qualified himselves to DM
and he also got the price "the happiest dog in the group" ( 17 dogs in the klass).

Crispy OTBB - Crunchs daughter, got 99 point (out of 100),
second time she is in Rally B klass.
There were 47 dogs in the class, I think we were no 6 or 7 :-)


World Winner Puppies


 The World Junior Winners from 2010/2011

is going to have puppies


WJW 2010 Made To Measures Hallie Halia


WJW 2010 Luzifers Fighter vom Sutumer Grund


Is matede 18 december 2010 -
Puppies expected 18. 2 and can move from home  ca 15 April 2012

More Info:

P kuldet



Look   Hallie


Luzifers Fighter




We got puppies !


Worldwinner 2010 Litter !!!

WW 2010,

Crunch Vom Stainzer Schilcherland


Junior WorldWinner 2010
Made To Measures Hallie Halia

has puppies

 can move to new home end september.

1 females & 2 males

Crunch x Hallie

Reservation recomanded.



Crispy TBB

- daughter af World winner 2010
Crunch Vom Stainzer Schilcherland

BJS 2010, DJCH 201(RWS), DjCH (RWS) Herr. Fuchur von der Herrin


Puppies are born

3 males & 4 females

 can move to new home start october.

Crispy x Fuchur

Reservation recomanded.




7 November

Danish Winner show in Herning.

The best Bitch and the best Male was from our kennel !!


  Made To Measures Finella Faye
(Crunch X  Ciwi)
Danish Winner 2010

 Excellent, Best Bitch, Cert, Best In Race.



Made to Measures Inspektor Ice
(Ciwi x Kilat)

Danish Winner 2010

Excellent, Best male, Cert, Best In Opposite sex.

Also at show

Crunch, Excellent, Best champion, 2 best Male.

Hallie, Excellent, Best junior, 3 best bitch.


14 Oktober

Ciwi is now matet

Puppies expectet week 50 (2010)

can move week 6 2011

Se more here.



28 juni

Can it getteing anybetter ?????

Two World Winner from our Kennel !!!


World Dog Show Denmark 2010

 Crunch Von Staincher Schilcherland World Winner !!!

Made To Measure Hallie Halia  got JUNIOR World Winner !!!


And all of our offspring got Exelent :-)


The next day  d 25 juni in the special show in KHKG - we did it againg !!!!

This time Hallie also become BIG 4 ! :-)


12 juni

What a weekend -

Made To Measures Imperial Ivy (Ciwi x Kilat)

BIR & BIS hvalp & price for the best puppie in workingdog this year !!!!

Congratulation Petra !!


also Vadum Show 12 juni

Crunch -  Very Good - best Champion.

Made To Measures Hallie Halia - Very Good, BIR og BIG 2 !!!


Puppies born 6.6 2010

look under Puppies :-)


Puppies also planned for winter 2010


Feb 2010

Made To Measures France Fleur (Ciwi xCrunch) X rays

HD A and ED 0

Congratulation Sandrine :-)


Two male and two female free in Ciwis litter - look under I litter



Januar 2010

Fredericia show 31 januar

Crunch: Best male - best in race BIR

Crispy Best female open class, Very good 1, place.

Made To Measure Gipsy Girl : best junior female


Ciwi pups is born :-) look under puppies



It is now possible to get Crunch babies in a cooler :-)

We found a vet who is specialist in cooling of semen, so now we can offer "babies in a bottel".

The transport we also find out for you.


December 2009




November 2009

Horsebo´s Ciwi has been mated to "Kilat"

½ australien linies !

Pups will be born end of januar 2010.



Crunch : Best Danish BBS 2009 no 7 !!!

3 of his offspring also on the top 10 list !

Cherei TBB (Zena x Crunch)  No 4
Made To Measure Do-It Duncan (Crunch x Uniwar)  No 8
Crispy TBB (Zena x Crunch)  No 10

(Crunch also Best Danish BBS in 2007  No 10)

(Uniwar Best Danish BBS 2008 No 5)

The Last show in Danish Kennel Klub nov 2009:

Crunch  BEST Champion, Bedst male 1 plac, BEST in RACEN and Best In Group No5
(Best Male. BIR. BOB. BIG 5)

Crispy : Best female 1 plac, certificate, BEST i Oppoisite sex, (BIM )



Made To Measure Hallie Halia - Best In Show Baby No 1 !!!!

Crispy TBB - Good.


September 2009

Crunch: BEST Champion, BEST in RACEN and nr 2 i Group 1.
(Best Male. BIR. BOB. BIG 2)


Von Stainzer Schilcherland 

Claus with Made To Measure Gipsy Girl certifikat, best bitch.

Claus og Made To Measure Gipsy Girl (Crunch x Ciwi)

Claus og Made To Measure Gipsy Girl (Crunch x Ciwi)

Michaela fik med Made To Measures Draco Fafnier Cert and best  junior.

Michela og Made To Measure Dráco Fafnier (Crunch x Uniwar)

Horsebo Ciwi fik Very good and 2 plads Open klass
Crispy TBB fik Very good,  1´te plads and2 of middel klass.

Crispy TBB (Crunch x Zena)  og Horsebo Ciwi

Crispy has got her mentaltest 5 september - It was very good !!!




August 2009


Duke Made to Measure

Ciwi X Crunch - Made to Measure France Fleur  (Duke)



Crunch X Utah - Visitdog in France
for more see:
One is working as a firedog, and two of this litter is working as visitdogs for nursinghome and Hospital.


Uniwar is having puppies with FCI papers 1 August 2009 .


H litter

For other puppie plans look under puppies

Elegant Evita from Uniwar E litter ED O og HD A


Crunch is now also


He got his Norwegischer Champion 3 maj2008, so all in all he got the 3 NORDIC Champion titles:


Danish Champion

Swedish Champion and

Norwegischer Champion

We are proud of him - thanks Ingrid



Maj 2008

News puppies on their way :-)


Crispy as cover model !

Danish dog traning magasin


Crunch is now Danish CHAMPION

 - og Swedish !!!!!!!

going for the Nordic :-)


Crunch  in the "BIG Ring"  Borås in Sweden -  Sweidsh  Champion



Spring 2006